Wellness & Fitness

The Move More, Eat Healthy Campaign recognizes that healthy eating and regular physical activity are key ingredients to good health.

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Teen Pregnancy

The teen pregnancy prevention focus group works with local schools and organizations to educate teens about pregnancy prevention.

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Family Literacy

Our Family Literacy Focus Group assists family members learning to read, to and with each other, to improve their children's future.

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Looking for Suggestions for 2017 Vet Day

Here’s an open invitation for veterans from these eras: Lebanon (1982) Grenada (1983) Panama (1989) Gulf War – Kuwait/Saudi Arabia (1990 – 1991) Somalia (1991) Bosnia (1992) Kosovo (1999) Come and participate in next year’s Veteran Day celebration. Please get in touch with Carrie  – sandi.fp@gmail.com Have any suggestions? Email David DeLeon  – davidd@lahabracity.com