Instructions for New Members

If you’ve never been to a regular La Habra Collaborative meeting, you’d be surprised that there are so many organizations that attend that you never realized existed. And one of the problems everyone faces is the information they share is said so fast that it’s hard to keep track of the name of the organization, the name of the representative, the contact information and their big event.

This website was designed to allow everyone share all of this. Here are instructions to get the most out of your membership.


Whether you’re a paid member or not, or just a visitor passing through the great city of La Habra, California, you need to sign up for our Mailing List. This is the best way to get connected with our activities. CLICK HERE TO JOIN THE MAILING LIST



If you are a paid member, you are invited to register and advertise your organization as a CONTRIBUTOR. Contributors can write and manage their own posts but the LHC administrators need to approve it first. Be sure to edit your article first because the administrators will post it verbatim. Essentially, you are allowed to describe your organization and your event. You can make new posts as often as you feel necessary. Be sure to include your contact information (email, telephone and website) and let everyone know how they can help you.  We request that you limit your pictures and PDF attachments to just two. Your posting will be open to comments by other registrants.  One final cool thing about this is your post will remain on this website as long as the website it up. In time your posting will be picked up by major search engines. And you can link this posting to your own website to help your SEO ranking.  CLICK HERE TO REGISTER.


At the end of the form there is little test called a Captcha that screens out “web robots” that try to break into the security system. If you remember your basic Algebra, you have nothing to fear. You will be given a numeric test or a combination of a numeric and visual test. Just fill in the blanks and click on Log in. Now that wasn’t too bad, was it?


Tight budget? We understand. Non-members can still register as a SUBSCRIBER and you can make comments to member postings pending LHC administrator approval. Non-members are not allowed to post their events. CLICK HERE TO REGISTER.


If you want your event to be included in the La Habra Calendar, tell us your intent in an email to and if we determine it is legit, we will give you access to the calendar.



If these instructions are too complex for you. You can simply write us at Be sure to include your contact information (email, telephone and website) and let everyone know how they can help you. LHC administrators will determine eligibility of your posting.