A Letter From the Director

I have been walking and jogging around La Habra for many years, but lately I have been pleasantly surprised at the increasing number of community members who are also walking, jogging, running, pushing their children in strollers, walking their dogs, and riding their bikes around town. Could it be that everyone is getting on board the Move More Eat Healthy campaign that seems to be sweeping La Habra?


In an effort to combat obesity, particularly childhood obesity, and all the negative health issues that come with it, many, many members of our community have been Collaborating to promote the Move More, Eat Healthy campaign in our La Habra schools, churches, businesses, sports teams,and city offices.


Thanks to all who are working so hard to make this community-wide project a success: Barry Ross, and Tracy Bryers and St Jude and St. Joseph Hospitals, Sal Failla, Dave De Leon, and so many others from the La Habra City offices, Rebeca French, Carrie Surrich, Elaine Friesen, Martha Lester and all the La Habra Collaborative members, Alfred Mata, Public Health Advocacy, Bahrem Bahremand and Gabriela Hernandez from FOF, Ricardo Lopez and Vanessa Ivie from PIH, Maria Matza and Christina Latham from Cal State Fullerton school of nursing, Amy DeMarco, Diana Pena and Michael Villaire from IHA, Erika Vargas from CAPOC, Helen Acevez from FRC, Michael McElroy and Sheryl Tecker from LHCSD, Kart Zener, Debie Sorensen and the Nursing Club from LHHS, Scott Miller from OLG, Mark Sturdavant, Marie Laveaga, Kim Praster, Scarleth Sauceda, Alice Romos from the Chamber of Commerce, Regeana Corona from Advancing the Seed, Estella Perry COCC, Rose Lima Serratos and Melissa Kiemura from SCU Health, Janis Price and Chris Corless from OCDE, Mark Chaves and Michele Lawson from the Boys and Girls Club, Ben Cano from Central Drugs, Mark Weyant from Living Justly, AND OF COURSE Jay Sidel and Sue Thompson from the La Habra Journal.

I’m sorry if I have left anyone off the “thank you” list, but thank you to all who are helping to improve the health of our community through the La Habra Move More and Eat Healthy Campaign. Hope to see you all “moving” around town.

Sandi Baltes, Executive Director, La Habra Collaborative

Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it is the only thing that ever has!
– Sandi Baltes